20ml Suprem e liquid 16mg


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20ml Suprem e liquid 16mg

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Liqorice (la liquirizia) - The pleasure of the best Liqorice with you always, whenever and wherever you like. Smooth & Mild 20ml of pure flavour.

Chocolate & Hazelnut (il bacio) More than just hazelnut, much much more in a delicious sweet sensation. Notes of chocolate from the best specialist italian chocolatier will inebriate you.

Banana Plus - Tropic sun and a lot of relax inside a sweet generous and satisfying taste. The banana flavour by Suprem-e is authentic fruit in a pocket to vape, perfect for tiring moments of the day during which you need to get an instant of warmth to give yourself a boost.

Mint (la menta)  Mint mint and more mint for refreshing relaxation whenever you feel the need. The purest mint crystals, skilfully blended, give our Mint a unique freshness.

Jelly - Take a look at the box and feel like a child again....Citus fruit, mixed berries and a lot of sugar for a cheerful vape. Just take care to have it with you ALWAYS!

Orange Plus - Orange to vape, fresh, full and perfumed reminding of the heat of the sun. Even during the wintertime, with that "plus" which makes it characteristic, unique and refined.

Anise (absinthe) The perfect flavour for the lovers of Anise. There is nothing more amaginative than vaping Suprem-e Absinthe, a deep, fresh taste, which is full of emotions, too

Green Cloud - The first of a brand new organic line of e liquid. The perfume of a wisely extracted nature, herbaceous taste which have been accurately selected by some specialists of the herboristic field to create a natural organic aroma with forbidden sensations

The Pie - The famous apple pie with all its sweet notes. a Taste that reminds you of the best and sweetest moments of your life

balique - Red fruits and Watermelon... Mediterranian and nordic hints, wisely harmonized together. a Fresh and pleasant vape


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