Weight Gain Programs

To gain weight and keep it on, you will need to increase your nutrition not only calories.  Many people only focus on increasing calories to increase weight / muscle mass.  When you only increase calories without proper nutrition, this forces your body to go into starvation mode.

With Herbalife’s nutritional range:

  • [Formula 1] Feed your body. Increase your nutrition, with more calories.  Increase in nutrition = Increase in normal body function = Increase in muscle mass.
  • [Fibre & Herb tablets] Cleanse and clean your body, helping your body to absorb good nutrition by cleaning your small intestines and help your digestive system.
  • [Formula 2 – Multivitamin] Restore all the imbalances in cell volume, helping you to transport nutrition to all parts of your body at a cellular level.
  • [Formula 3 - Extra Protein] Add extra protein to your shakes and meal with Formula 3

Herbalife’s programs will help you gain weight and keep it on and have much more energy!

Its as simple as 3-3-3

3 x Daily, take tablets (Fibre & Herb for cleansing and cleaning)
3 x Daily, enjoy Shake meals (Formula 1 = Food = Nutrition)
3 x Daily, have 1 x normal balanced meal (Drink shakes after your meal)

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