Weight Loss Programs

For best results use Herbalife Core products in-combination:

  • [Formula 1] Feed your body. Increase your nutrition, with less calories.  Increase in nutrition = Increase in metabolism = Body Fat / Weight Loss.
  • [Fibre & Herb tablets] Cleanse and clean your body, helping your body to absorb good nutrition by cleaning your small intestines and help your digestive system.     
  • [Formula 2 – Multivitamin] Restore all the imbalances in cell volume, helping you to transport nutrition to all parts of your body at a cellular level.

Personalise your program and results by adding enhancers to the core product usage

Whether your goal is weight loss or just health maintenance, we have a programme that is just right for you.  Feel satisfied, not deprived, with delicious, filling shakes (healthy meals) and flavourful healthy snacks.

Optimise energy and health with Herbalife's advanced herbal supplements.  Want to slim down without feeling hungry?  Have more energy?  Look and feel younger?

Shed those unwanted Kgs and Cms for good!

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