Ecopure Liquids

Nicotine used in ECOpure is the purest available at 99.8%
ECOpure is manufactured wholly in the UK.
Ecopure have developed their own liquid using only FOOD GRADE products purchased from within the UK.
Manufacture of the e-liquid is conducted in facilities holding ISO 9002 - BRITISH SAFETY COUNCIL MEMBERS - COMAH (second tier site) - DGSA - ISO 14000 (working towards)

ECOpure Concept:

Establish EcoPure’s own laboratory in Lancashire in the UK
Develop the CLEANEST & HEALTHIEST e-liquid available anywhere in the World!
Maintain a World renowned reputation for quality.
Use the fewest ingredients possible.
Avoid the use of Propylene Glycol as a base, as used in most other e-liquid.
Use only FCC Food Grade flavourings with a Purity of minimum 99% The nicotine used in our e-liquid is 99.8% pure!
Provide customers with an e-liquid they can absolutely TRUST the contents of
Maintain batch quality and batch testing to ensure quality of all ingredients using NMR and GCMS methods.
The liquid has been tested by a UK University and a report is now available in PDF format by request.

The Ecopure Liquids comes in Extra High 4.5%, High 3.0%, Medium 1.5%, Zero.

Ecopure Liquids - Rich 30ml

Ecopure Liquids - Rich 30ml


Strengths High 3% Med 1.5% Zero           &nb.....