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Many have seen the light, have you!!!!!!

A local medical survey into electronic cigarettes has shown that, not only is it a much healthier alternative to tobacco, but the device can help smokers kick the habit. Doctors reported that 45 percent of South African smokers who used e-cigarettes were able to quit tobacco smoking within two months. ****

Over an eight-week study period, doctors supplied 349 patients with the E-cigarette, an electronic device that delivers nicotine through vapour but without the tar, carcinogens or smoke found in standard cigarettes.

All participating doctors agreed that e-cigarettes are a significantly healthier alternative to conventional smoking.

The study's outcome revealed that:

  • Six per cent of smokers quit within two weeks increasing to 45 % within eight weeks.
  • Fifty-two percent of all patients reported both increased levels of energy and visible improvement in their physical appearance.
  • When asked what factors about smoking tobacco cigarettes were the hardest to give up, 49 percent of patients said nicotine cravings and 24 percent the habit itself. Twenty seven percent of all participating smokers said that a combination of all factors — the habit, nicotine, the taste and feeling of smoking made it hard to quit.
  • When asked if an e-cigarette could act as an agent to overcome all the physical and psychological challenges to quit tobacco smoking, all doctors said 'yes'. Dr Clifford Hulley, one of the participating medical professionals in the survey, reported that "An e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking".
  • Prof Martin Veller, Head Vascular Surgeon at the University of the Witwatersrand, who participated in the project said that e-cigarettes have the appearance of normal tobacco cigarettes but are non-toxic, and I have advised my patients to consider e-cigarettes as an alternative nicotine source."
  • Earlier this year Health New Zealand also carried out trials into the safety of e-cigarettes. According to the head of research Dr Murray Laugeson, the test found that e-cigarettes were very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements.

So what are you waiting for?

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"Several magnitudes safer than cigarettes"

That is a quote from a respected physician actively involved in Smoking Harm Reduction. Electronic Cigarettes have not been around long enough for long term assessment, but already they have gained the backing from many of the medical profession and are sold in an increasing number of pharmacies. electronic cigarettes have shown that they have the potential to become the greatest ally to those seeking an alternative to smoking tobacco.

The word is out, We have been committed to proving their quality and efficacy ever since they realised just how many customers made the transition away from tobacco to the e cigarette.
The opinions of the physicians featured in the interviews below intimates that electronic cigarettes can be safer than smoking burning tobacco, but only when we prove that scientifically will we be anywhere near satisfied.

Electronic Cigarettes have been on the market for several years and no significant evidence has been presented that indicates they are less safe than cigarettes, quite the contrary. We were available in person to talk about our products and its role in Public Health Care at the Primary Care 2010 Exhibition and Conference on the 5th and 6th May at the National Exhibition Centre in
Birmingham UK. We had samples available to try and products for sale at generously discounted prices for Health Care Professionals.

We also received an extremely positive reception at the 2010 National UK Smoking Cessation Conference at Glasgow in June with many frontline and key health professionals showing great interest and asking when our e cigarette would be available for them to recommend officially. See our feedback and photos by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

Our e cigarette team have shown true pioneer spirit and passion with the underlying aim of developing a true alternative to smoking. We have continually set standards within the industry that others aspire to and we will maintain that ethos relentlessly.

Below are links to interviews given by respected Health Professionals involved in Smoking Harm Reduction. The unanimous opinion is very favourable for electronic cigarettes; we want to ensure that they are available to every single person who wishes to make the change from smoking tobacco. There are also links to independent laboratory reports that we have commissioned and which indicate that the liquid that we produce in the UK for use in our electronic cigarettes, contains no known harmful ingredients or compounds when tested under and beyond normal use conditions.

We are leading the way into the future, please feel free to join us on what will undoubtedly be a most incredible journey.

Best wishes.
John Chamley
Operations Manager
The following interviews are courtesy of
Dr. Murray Laugesen
Paul Bergen
Dr. Adrian Payne
Professor Michael Siegel
David Sweanor
Independent laboratory reports on our e liquid.